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  • ITS (tracffic) Lenses

    Towin has launched large image size 4/3", 1", 2/3", mono-focal and vari-focal, 5-10 high megapixel C mount lenses for ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems), traffic monitoring and other high end security video surveillance.

    They are working well with China and world wide brand high end C mount cameras. Such as cameras with CMOSIS popular sensors CMV2000 and CMV 4000. Especially, there are some items with IR corrected that are good for day and night applications.
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  • Mini Fisheye Lenses

    --Mini size.
    --Large image circle diameter 4.7mmm applicable to 1/2” camera sensor
    --Fisheye angle FOV 185degree
    --5megapixel high resolution

  • Wide Angle Lenses

    >GoPro original lens for GoPro HD Hero Helmet cameras.
    >Large image size applicable to 1/2.5” camera sensor
    >Wide angle D FOV 170degree
    >5megapixel resolution matching Aptina sensor MT9P031 and OmniVision sensor OV562O etc.

  • Low Distortion Lenses

    Low Distortion lenses series with wide angle, using aspherical technology to achieve compact mechanical design with excellent image quality.

    It is widely used to make 180 or 360 degree panoramic no fisheye small cameras.

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